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For some reason, I-751 Receipts issued by the USCIS have glitches and problems that the other receipts don’t.

For example, sometimes, a dependent child is not listed on the mother or father’s I-751 fee receipt or a separate fee receipt is not issued.

In other cases, the I-751 receipt number doesn’t work when the receipt number  is entered into the USCIS’ online cases status system.

If a dependent child conditional permanent resident is eligible to be listed as a dependent child in the Form I-751, the dependent child conditional permanent resident should receive his own “Verification of Inclusion of a Dependent in Filing of Form I-751” receipt from the USCIS.

Additionally, to ensure each conditional resident receives an I-751 fee receipt, there is no bar on filing an I-751 Petition for each individual conditional permanent resident. By filing a separate Form I-751, each conditional permanent resident will obtain a fee receipt that documents the extension of conditional permanent resident status for one year.

Also, if a dependent child immigrated more than 90 days after the immediate relative spouse, it is a good idea to file a separate I-751 Petition for the dependent child, in addition to the I-751 Petition for the conditional permanent resident (immediate relative spouse).

Concerning the I-751 Receipt number, the “Notice of Action” letter that contains the I-751 receipt number doesn’t work on the USCIS online case status system. Many clients tell me, “I cannot find my I-751 case status by the USCIS’ online inquiry system. I entered the I-751 receipt number for my petition and all I got was the response “we cannot find your I-751 receipt number in our system.”

The USCIS techs have not figured out how to get the I-751 receipt numbers to get uploaded. The good news is that the receipt number on your Biometrics appointment letter (which you receive after the first I-751 receipt) contains a second number called an “application number” that should work on the online update system, but sometimes you need to give it some time for the USCIS to update their system to recognize the receipt number on the Biometrics appointment letter.


The I-751 Receipt extends the two year conditional I-551 Green Card (which proves permanent resident status) for 2 years from the date of expiration on the two year card.

The USCIS regulations state that, “Currently, a conditional resident who files an I-751 Petition receives a Form I-797 Notice of Action, extending his or her status as a conditional resident for a 2 year period.”  The Form I-797 receipt also states that the conditional resident’s travel and employment are authorized for that 2 year period.

Thus, conditional residents with expired Forms I-551, Permanent Resident Cards, may present their expired Form I-551 (two year green card) and their Form I-797 as evidence of their status in the United States.  This means that you can use your expired green card and I-797 Notice of Action as proof that you are legal when you travel to re-enter the U.S. or for any employer to whom you want to prove you are still “legal” and authorized to work.


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