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Where are the rules about getting married in America?

In the United States, there are fifty states each with their own rules on how to get married.  Each state is divided into “counties.”  Each county of each state has a website with the marriage rules on it.  It is best to search on the internet for the name of the county where you wish to marry and the word “marriage” to find out the rules.

Do we need blood tests to get married?

Most states in the USA do not require blood tests or proof of vaccinations. When you find the rules for the county where you wish to marry you will find out what is required.

What documents do we need to get married?

Most states in the USA only require photo identification, but the rules are on each county website.

Do we need to prove we are divorced?

Most states do not require that you bring the divorce judgment, but each county has different rules.

marriage green card adjustment of statusWhat is the difference between a marriage license and a marriage certificate?

The marriage license is issued by the county where you intend to marry.  It usually has an expiration date, such as 60 – 90 days.  Usually you will have to pay for the marriage license (usually $70 – $100).

After the wedding ceremony, the officiant (person who performed ceremony) signs the license and gives it to the county so they can issue the marriage certificate (which can take 1-10 days).

Which American states allow same sex marriages?

All of them!

What if I was adopted?

So long as your photo identification has the correct name on it, proof of adoption is not normally required.

WEBSITE.BRIDES.HOLDING HANDSWhat if my fiance is from a foreign country and not in the USA legally?

In most states, anyone is allowed to get married, whether they are from the USA or not.  Most states do not require the foreign applicant to prove they are inside the USA legally.

What identification does my fiance need to get married if she is from a foreign country?

Foreign photo identification is normally allowed (like a valid passport).  Proof of legal status is usually not required, but be sure to check the county website for all requirements.

Does my new spouse automatically get a marriage green card if we get married?

Sorry, no.  Paperwork must be filed with the Dept. of Homeland Security.  Not all foreign spouses are eligible for a green card based on marriage – it depends on how they entered the USA, or if they have any visa violations or criminal violations. However, in many cases, if the foreign spouse overstayed their visa they may be allowed to get a green card.

Does my spouse need to change her name for a marriage green card?

No, it is not necessary to change to a married name in order to get a marriage green card.

How do i find out the exact rules about what I need to get married in my state?

First, find out the name of the county where you want to get married.  Second, google the name of that county and the words “marriage.”

Marriage License Links for Top 10 Cities in USA Where Marriages Take Place?

What if i have more questions about marriage green cards?

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