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Facebook Checked for Green Card based on Marriage

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facebook green card based on marriageRecently I represented a married couple who were applying for their marriage green card. At the marriage green card interview the immigration officer surprised us with a request to look at the husband and wife’s mobile phones to check their Facebook status and Facebook photos, and to check their recent text messages to each other.

The marriage green card was ultimately approved, but it was clear that every couple (whether different sex or same sex) facing a marriage green card interview needs to update their Facebook page and Facebook photos as well as check their text messages before going into the marriage green card interview.

I should have known when we talked in the door that every detail of their relationship would be examined. Even though the marriage green card interview took place in a somewhat informal setting, and we could hear others through the partitions of her makeshift office, this immigration officer was sporting a coach purse and had a french manicure.  She was obviously trendy and techno saavy. Her office space was uber organized, complete with a personalized name plate, and she was ready to make marks with her red pen.

This immigration officer greencardtook their phones and checked my clients’ personal status on Facebook and scrolled through their Facebook photos.  I would have to say she took more time to look at the photos on Facebook than she did to look at the photos we submitted.

It makes sense when you think about it; a person’s personal status on Facebook is the ultimate wedding announcement to the world. The immigration officer mentioned that it is routine procedure to look at the applicant’s Facebook page at the marriage green card interview in every case.  My guess is that Facebook pages are also checked for citizenship applications too, when they are fast tracked based on marriage.

After she looked at the Facebook status and photos, she asked to see each of their text messages to each other. The couple had made a hasty decision a few days before the green card interview to belatedly buy their wedding rings, so there were a lot of messages about where to go to buy theiWEBSITE.TEXT.MESSAGEr rings.  They ended up getting a jewelry store coupon from Staples when they copied photos for the green card interview and it was all in the text messages.

Luckily the immigration officer decided that the timing of the purchase of the wedding rings was ok (they were married a few months earlier) after a discussion with them about their decision to buy cheaper wedding rings now (in time for the marriage green card interview) rather than waiting and saving up for more expensive rings.

There were also a few snarky text messages to each other regarding getting ready for the green card interview, but at least they were prefaced by “Babe, did you at least copy the photos yet xoxo ?  Whew!  The marriage green card was approved and mailed within 10 days!

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